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Storyteller Overland Acquires Global Expedition Vehicles

I am thrilled with the announcement that Storyteller Overland is acquiring Global Expedition Vehicles and I'll tell you why. I learned this via this story in Overland Expo's The Compass ( at the end of January 2022.

I met Rene and Mike, owners of Global X Vehicles when I visited them in 2019 to talk about them building my an expedition vehicle. I was in awe by their vehicle and inspired by their story, and also the stories of many of their customers, and after seeing the many expedition trucks in their large and beautiful shop in Springfield, Missouri, I was hooked on the idea of an expedition camper for extended global and overlanding travels. I thoroughly enjoyed my time with them and would had loved to have them build me an expedition truck and camper, but the timing wasn't in the cards at the time with their already impacted schedule, and I may not had been their perfect client, but I could tell during our time together over a couple of days that they wanted to sell Global X and so hence why I am excited and happy for them.

I am also thrilled for Storyteller Overland as this is a significant step in the progression of their company. Storyteller builds excellent camper vans, hosts fun adventures with their clients, and are wonderful hosts at the van events I have met them at, offering food, drink and story telling, without any hard sell. Just a fun time. By acquiring the best expedition camper builder in the US, Storyteller will further advance their quality and offerings while expanding their capabilities and breadth of products, as well as adding production capacity. I think this will lead to more great vehicles--from vans, to trucks to big trucks--all as campers--for us to see, use and grow with as an industry and consumers of these fine products.

So hence, I am excited for Global X and Storyteller--I'm sure this will lead to many wonderful new campers and the building upon their existing products. Congratulations to all.

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